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We develop WordPress plugin on demand. Put your requirements here and we will follow you within next 24 hours. In first meeting your requirements will be finalized and next meeting you will get cost and duration details. If you are interested then we are ready to start communicate.

Learn WordPress Plugin Development Online Just in Rs 5000/ in 2 Months

Course Contents

I am giving details about learing WordPress Plugin Development in 02 Months in just Rs 5000/- (Rs 2500 per month). This is the lowest price in Rawalpindi, Pakistan for online training.

  • Audience Every person who wants to learn wordpress plugin development
  • Prerequisites
    • Better knowledge of internet surfing
    • Better knowledge of PHP,mySQL, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/JavaScript
    • English language (Reading and understanding the contents of English language)
    • Already, experience with wordpress customization or theme development.
  • Certification Course completion certificate will be awarded to those who will complete and present final project
  • Fee Rs. 5000/ Only for 02 Months
  • Mode of Teaching
    • Online Teaching Classes
    • Daily 01 hour class (05 days classes, 1 or 2 days for final project presentation)
    • Video lectures will be available after course completion
  • Course Duration The duration of course is only 2 months

  • Brief about action and filter hooks?
  • How to developing secure WordPress plugins?
  • What are the best practices for wordpress plugin development?
  • How to add Admin Menus?
  • How to create the plugin settings page?
  • What are the steps to set callback functions while developing a wordpress plugin?
  • Step by step guide for validating plugin settings!
  • How and where we can include JavaScript and CSS file or syntax? Which one is the best practice?
  • What practices make the plugin more closer to wordpress SOPs
  • How to go thorough Testing and debugging phase for developed wordpress plugin?
  • What is customized WP Loop? Where it is used?
  • What is widget? How to create a widget?
  • How to manage users and roles for WordPress Plugin?
  • What are the best practices for Using the API options in WordPress Plugin Development
    1. Using the Transients API
    2. Using the HTTP API
    3. Using WP-Cron
    4. Using the REST API
  • How to handle custom database queries
  • How to Integrate WordPress Plugin with Admin Notices
  • Best use of Ajax while developing a plugin

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